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Everybody is able to get each and every nutrient by eating a balanced diet food, however, one has to prefer on taking mineral supplements. Take note, too much consumption because at times might be harmful to your health.
Our body needs minerals and vitamins so as to work properly, someone not taking enough vitamins and minerals through the variety of food may suffer vitamin deficiency and may course body developing an illness, hence need for food supplements.
•    Food consumption enables us to derive our daily dose of minerals and vitamins.
•    Minerals and vitamins protect the body from various diseases, while supplements give it quality insurance
•    Supplements play a major role in improving body muscular strength, endurance and physicals; they are mostly used by sports persons to improve their performance.
•    Some drugs are sometimes combined with supplements as a way of complementing treatments for health conditions.
•    Supplements can also prevent the variety of diseases and health conditions, for example , folic acids are used by pregnant women to prevent birth defects ,taking about 400 micrograms folic acid supplement during  and after the pregnancy period this is the best way to protect your baby against spina bifida.
•    Drawbacks of vitamins and mineral supplements are relatively expensive, nutritious meals are cheaper than purchasing a quality supplement.
•    Too much consumption of supplements may cause birth defects, headache, reduced bone strength and liver damage.
•    Supplements increase mega dosing risks; it's very hard to overdose on food.
•    When mixing uncertain minerals with vitamins always interferes with absorption, when supplements interact with the medical prescription, makes it very difficult to absorb medical condition.
Steroids are organic compounds that contain 4 cyclo - Alkanes rings that combine them together. A common example of steroids is dexamethasone, sex hormones, and cholesterols. There are several steroids found in flora and fauna species but we always take steroids as manmade compounds used to support the growth of muscles. In most countries of the world, steroids are prohibited and are illegal.
•    Proper steroid intake enhances quick body growth.
•    Person strength and physical stamina increase to a large extent.
•    Steroids encourage one to be more positive and gain more confidence.
•    Helps one to recover from injuries severally.
•    Leeds one to develop moods disturbance, that may cause depression and mania.
•    Steroids cause psychosis hence they harmful to the central nervous system.
•    Might lead to heart failure, valve malfunctioning and jamming of blood vessels.
•    The risk of being cancerous (prostate) is very high; causes low sperm count hence infertility in men, and can also cause testicles shrinkage.
•    In females, steroids cause: unpredictable menstrual cycle, clitoris enlargement, baldness, manly voice, and hair might even grow on their faces.
•    Teenagers using steroids can suffer from early skeletal maturation accelerated puberty and halted growth.
•    The risk of getting liver and lung disease is very high and might also cause cancer.
•    Taking steroids in large extent has various consequences, for example, muscle tears, nose bleeding, tendon injuries and itching joints.
•    The risk of being infected by HIV and AIDS and Hepatic is very high since infected needles might be used.

From the above comparison between supplements and steroids, supplements are best to be consumed by human than the steroids since they have fewer side effects to the body than steroids. http://120kgs.com